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Comprehensive Property Survey

William T. Senapedis, P.L.S., specializes in providing property survey in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I generally work with anyone who needs to survey their property for zoning purposes. If you're planning to purchase a particular lot, I can survey that for you as well. I would do the map and present it to the township, making sure that it passes subdivision zonings. I also take into account environmental factors, such as wet lands and sewer lines. Some of my clients include:

• Commercial Property Owners

• Subdivision Contractors • Development Corporations

How I Work

Once I receive a project, I take the address to know where the property is located. I may also go to the county and pull information on where it is located. I take a look at Google Earth as well to get the longitude and get a good look at the property from an aerial view. I then determine how long it will take to do a survey on the property. There are millions of combinations and scenarios that can affect the job. If I work on a commercial lot in the middle of town, for example, I will have to locate everything within 50 feet. In case of errors, I am covered by personal liability and omissions insurance.


I offer free estimate and consultation. As each job is an individual project, they are priced accordingly. A lot of the pricing depends on what the property looks like and its size.

Contact me today if you need reliable property survey services in Northeastern Pennsylvania.